Manuscript News

This new tab on the MIMSS website introduces two reference sections: the MIMSS Manuscript Movement Report, which will be a regularly-updated cumulative catalogue of manuscripts of medieval Hispanic interest that appear in the salerooms; and the Codicological Notes, which will place on record brief codicological accounts of specific manuscripts, in private and public collections and libraries.

The MIMSS Manuscript Movement Report is a new information source for medievalists, which will serve as a clearing house for information on the appearance of manuscripts of Hispanic interest in the principal English salerooms. It will log the appearance of relevant manuscripts at auction (and where possible also from the catalogues of antiquarian booksellers), providing succinct information with references to the sale catalogues, sale dates, and adding any information obtained from direct inspection of the manuscripts where it has been feasible to undertake this. We are most grateful to Dr Timothy Bolton of Sotheby’s and Mr Justin Phillips of Bloomsbury Auctions for their kind co-operation and encouragement in this endeavour.

Codicological Notes is a web forum for brief peer-reviewed original contributions on codicological questions relating to specific manuscripts in private and public collections. Its emphasis is therefore on factual notes and descriptions rather than theoretical debates. Contributions of up to 5000 words (in English or Spanish), which will be reviewed by members of the MIMSS Standing Committee and (as appropriate) additional external assessors will be added from time to time; those contributions accepted, after assessment, for publication on the Codicological Notes site will be identified for citation purposes by a reference number which incorporates the date of first submission. Intending authors should contact David Hook or Juan-Carlos Conde in the first instance for further information.

David Hook
Faculty Research Fellow
Faculty of Medieval & Modern Languages
University of Oxford

Associate Director, MIMSS